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Kara L. Gamber, CEO

DMI Certified Digital Marketing Expert
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Is your business

not being found in online searches?

When you are found

are people not taking action?

Are the leads you do get

a waste of time, unwilling to pay, or not seeing your value?

If you're struggling with any of these challenges, you're in the right place.

One of the best kept secrets...

Now Revealed

Most entrepreneurs and business owners THINK they have a revenue problem when they REALLY have a reputation problem.

Today’s digital world means even exceptional businesses can stay the best kept secret without intentional marketing.

We know the frustration. You pour passion into helping clients, yet struggle to attract your ideal customers willing to pay your worth.

We specialize in increasing online visibility for small businesses exactly where decisions happen. So you magnetize premium clients that align with your niche and value.

Our 3-Step Framework customizes your reach across all your digital channels like your website, socials, ads and more. We spotlight what makes you different to the RIGHT audiences.

Imagine, no more inconsistency in your messaging or marketing. Just a steady stream of premium clients who align with your niche, see your worth, and gratefully pay for the transformation you offer.

Let us help you convert more sales by shining the digital spotlight on what you do best. Book a call to get started on real results.


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Take your business to the next level

Steal The Digital Spotlight™ 3-Step Framework

Your visitors are converted into clients with messaging and design that make an emotional connection. Your custom strategy ties everything together to skyrocket your visibility and supercharge your growth.​

Define True North

Get crystal clear on your business goals and your ideal client. Solidifying your 'why' and 'who' is both the foundation and guiding force that informs the direction, decisions, and destiny for your digital marketing and business success.

Set Your Stage

Refine your compelling marketing message and brand story to instantly grab attention and express your value. This becomes the heartbeat across your website, ads and campaigns, and immediately connects with your audience.

Shine Your Spotlight

Optimize every digital asset and touchpoint for visibility and action. From SEO to email-funnels, paid media to partnerships. Spotlight your services and solutions exactly where decisions happen, and enjoy your superstar status.

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We're committed to your digital domination

We empower entrepreneurs and business owners to thrive online. We are committed to small businesses that want to attract their ideal customers in the digital space.

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We transform small businesses into online superstars by customizing their digital reach and spotlighting their unique value exactly where decisions happen. Unlike generic marketing agencies, we specialize in amplifying our clients’ differentiation to attract their ideal customers across all digital channels. If we had to pick one thing that sets us apart, it’s our proven 3-Step Framework that targets, tailors, and spotlights each business for digital domination in their niche.

Become an online superstar

From Unknown to Unstoppable

Discover a refreshingly achievable 3-step framework that enables you to pinpoint and consistently reach high-value audiences, dial in messaging that emotionally connects, and ultimately convert visitors into delighted customers. This book provides the blueprint for becoming impossible to ignore digitally — and a Superstar in your niche.

Available Fall 2024

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